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Re: Access rights with growisofs

Nick Urbanik wrote:
Dear Folks,

my Perl program at
http://ictlab.tyict.vtc.edu.hk/ftp/tarball/make-path-lists.pl seems
ready to use; I am now backing everything up using it.  I still
haven't finished; I'll let the list know when I have finished my
complete backup and have tested it successfully.

I have one problem remaining that I hope someone could point me to the
answer for:

When backing up many files, some of which I do not have read
permission to access as my ordinary account, is the only way to access
them to do something like su to root, then run growisofs?

It's just that I don't like using su, but if that's the only way, then
I'll do it.

check out sudo. You can set it up so that a specific id can run a specific command as root. man sudo.

Until later, Geoffrey                     Registered Linux User #108567
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