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Re: 100% system CPU usage with cdrecord

>From: Rob Bogus mail account <rob23@firewall2.tmr.com>

>I *strongly* suggest using ide-scsi with 2.4 kernels. You want to boot 
>with something like "hdc=ide-scsi" I believe, that what I use for all my 
>working 2.4 systems. The device will probably be 0.0.0, but do check by 
>looking at /proc/scsi/scsi to be sure.

>I have not had any problems with ide-scsi under 2.6 kernels since 2.6.2 or 
>so, but the ATAPI interface is much easier on the CPU for audio burn.

The ATAPI: interface has no DMA at all

The ATA: fixes a DMA bug that should be ficed the same way for ide-scsi.
	It is just annoing to see that the Linux kernel folks first
	copied the code from ide-scsi just to create this unneeded new
	interface and later onlu fixed the bug in the copy but not in the


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