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Be Proactive and call Federal Credit Card Holders

Federal Credit Card Holders CD-Rom; over 136,000 records of contact information   
including 60,000 email addresses!   
The New 2004 Updated list of IMPAC Credit Card Holders will most likely    
be the LAST of it's kind as this info will not be made readily available    
by the FEDS next year.   
There are rumors circulating in the Government Contracting Community that say    
there will be changes in the Freedom of Information Act that will make it   
possible for the Federal Government to withhold Federal Credit Card holder data    
as confidential and NOT available to the public.    
If these rumors turn out to be true, FedMarket will not be able to update    
our Credit Card Holder data in 2005. This may be your last chance to    
buy our Federal Credit Card Holder CD-Rom.    
>>  Sale price: $1000 regularly $1690.   
>>  Sale price good until Friday the 4th of June 2004.    
To order the Federal Government Credit Card Holder CD-Rom, call 888-661-4094 x8    
Federal Credit card holders or "IMPAC Credit Card Holders" make multiple    
puchases in the Federal Governments Fiscal First Quarter which is NOW.    
Federal credit card holders are government employees who are NOT official    
buyers but DO hold government credit cards and the authority to make small    
purchases from a single source (up to $2,500 in most cases). Industry analysts    
estimate that 800,000 federal credit card holders spend over $18 billion dollars    
each year. Wondering how to reach this market? Look no further. . . .    
Fedmarket.com offers you access to contact information for over 130,000 of    
these credit card holders with the purchase of our CD-Rom. The information is    
laboriously derived through individual agency requests.    
The data is sold on CD-Rom in a comma-delimited format for easy integration    
with your own direct mail database. You may purchase the entire set of data    
($1,690), civilian information ($1,090) or DOD information ($890). We do not    
offer the right to resell the data, but you may continue to use it over again    
for your own marketing program (in contrast to many of our competitors who sell    
one-time access only).    
Also, in addition to the invaluable Credit Card Data for attacking the    
Micro-Purchase market ($2500 = micro-purchase) you'll receive the "Doing    
Business with Government eBook," a $490.value.  The eBook written by the    
President of FedMarket Richard White, contains 38 years of    
government contracting expertise.   
The eBook is a phenomenal source of little known "tricks of    
the trade" for the Government Contracting World.    
To order the Federal Government Credit Card Holder CD-Rom, call 888-661-4094 x8    
You may also purchase the product online by clicking the "BUY NOW" link at:   
Best Regards,                            
Sales Team                            
Federal Marketplace                            
ph: (888) 661-4094 x8 - toll free                            
fx: (208) 726-5590
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