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Re: Alternative to readcd for C2scans?

>From davidsen@tmr.com  Sat May 15 22:18:50 2004

>>>I have gotten into the habit of checking my CD burns by doing a readcd 
>>>with -c2scan on them, but under Linux 2.6 kernels that doesn't seem to 
>>>work with USB connected burners. I get an end of read after zero 
>>>sectors. I've tried using sectors= and speed= without success. Since 
>>>these burners must be used as SCSI, the ATAPI: access doesn't apply.
>>If you fonud a bug in the Linux USB implementation, please just
>>request a fix from the Linux kernel folks.
>>Once USB works for you, readcd will do also.
>If I see any bugs in the Linux USB I'll do that, but in the meantime I'm 
>looking for functional application code, preferably which avoids 
>depending on things which are clearly documented not to work properly.

You look completely confused :-(

readcd is known to work properly with any SCSI transport a kernel might 

If _you_ have problems with USB, then you are using a broken kernel or
a USB<->ATA adaptor that does not work properly. There are a lot of them
it you like to have USB-2...

	It is a _real_ bad behavior to write wrong and blanket acusations :-(

If you had documented your specific problem in a useful way, people could have
directed you to the real problem (whether it is caused by a bug in the Linux 
kernel or in a bug in the USB<->ATA adaptor). There is definitely no problem in
readcd that causes any problem with USB. I know this from own recent experience 
as I did a lot of USB-2 testing recently. I ran into a kernel bug on Solaris 10
that has been fixed within 10 days. I however don't see why I should even try 
to contact the Linux kernel developers that are known to only piss on people
who send them well investigated bug reports.

As a hint: the main problem with USB-2 is rotten hardware!

If you like to succeed in using USB-2, buy a 15 Euro NEC chip based PCI card and
use a recent Solaris 10 kernel. The VIA USB-2 chips are known not to work
as documented on the other side. The only USB-2<->ATA Adaptor that is currently
known to work correctly is the ALi M5621 A1

If you don't know how a useful bug report looks like, read


CONCLUSION: Please finally stop to post wrong statements about readcd.


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