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hanging "flushing cache"


I'm running Debain Sarge rc2 and have upgraded to kernel 2.6.3.  I have
an LG DVD-Burner (GSA-4081B v A100) that isn't closing sessions.  I am
using growisofs which appears to be writing fine, but always sticks at
"/dev/hda: flushing cache".  I am using dvd+rw-tools

The command I use to start a new DVD is (run from root):

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/hda -R -J my_file.tgz

I've read a few posts and they say that -dvd-compat should remedy this
problem.  I've also seen that ide-scsi is recommended, but I don't think
I need that since I'm running kernel 2.6

dvd+rw-mediainfo tells me that the disc session is still open.

Any help is appreciated!


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