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Re: *nix flash utility for BTC DVD recorders

>From: Dave Huang <khym@azeotrope.org>

>Ah, while I use the excellent cdrecord, I didn't know about libscg :)
>I had been working with dvd+rw-booktype from dvd+rw-tools, so they
>were at the top of my mind :)

It is the oldest SCSI transport code at all. I did write it first in August 1986,
long before Adaptec came out with ASPI.

>> -rw-r--r--    1 root     cdrecord     6905 Apr 29 14:10 btcflash-0.1-sspm.tar.bz2
>> Is a SSPM file made from the Scgskeleton code and your code.
>> Just untar it in the cdrtools source root directory and call "make install"

>Thanks! I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I think there's a
>minor bug with the conversion. The idea is to write the firwmare to
>the drive starting at offset 0x20, and write the checksum in offsets
>0x00 to 0x1f. (I suspect the order doesn't matter, but the Windows
>flash utility was writing the firmware first, then checksum, so I
>followed it).

Do you believe that the conversion from your *.cpp code to the
.c version introduced the bug?

I am quite sure that I did convert the code setp by step.

As I cannot check the code (I don't have such a drive), could you please
try to test the code?


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