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Re: growisofs vs. LG GSA4040B: unable to CLOSE SESSION (5h/72h/03h):Input/output error

> | >     /dev/scd0: closing session
> | >     :-( unable to CLOSE SESSION (5h/72h/03h): Input/output error
> | This error appears *only* in simulated mode and it does not mean that
> | real recording will fail with same error. In other words failure to
> | close the session is *limitation of simulated mode* and should be
> | disregarded. Purpose of simulated test is rather to see if your system
> | sustains the load.
> Is this documented anywhere?

No. But it was discussed on the list once though...

> Is this a forgivable flaw in the drive or is this an expected/legal
> result on a standards-conforming drive?

Believed to be former.

> If it is an expected/legal result, some part of the software ought to stop
> scaring innocent users with drastic-sounding messages :-)

The problem is that the behaviour seem to vary from manufacturer to
manufacturer. One tries to calm down LG user, some other might get a
"heart attack":-) But sure, error message can [and eventually will] be
complemented with "errors might be bogus" whenever dummy mode is

> I find the undocumented growisofs -use-the-force-luke flag intriguing.
> Is there a reason not to document it?

E.g. http://lists.debian.org/cdwrite/2003/cdwrite-200310/msg00034.html

But keep in mind that nothing is carved in stone. If enough users want
to see it documented, then one is expected to step up and document it.
If enough users want it to be called something else, then it will be
called something else in next major release. But I expect these matters
to be discussed openly. A.

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