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Re: DVD+RW-Booktype and BTC 1008 Drive

> I have modified the file dvd+rw-booktype.cpp with the patch mentioned
> in msg00126.html, have added the extra reporting patch and the
> additional patch from your last message, so that the source code looks
> like the following:
> -------------------
> { // See if it's BTC design...
> cmd[0]=0xFA;
> cmd[4]=1;
> cmd[10]=0xAA;
> cmd[11]=0xFF;
> if (!(err=cmd.transport()|| ASC(err)==0x24))
> return btc (cmd,action,book);

Double-check Andy Polyakov's patch in msg00137.html; you have the
parentheses in the wrong place. It should be:

    if (!(err=cmd.transport()) || ASC(err)==0x24)

instead of

    if (!(err=cmd.transport()|| ASC(err)==0x24))

Not sure why the original code with the 0x1F -> 0x1E patch for
PREVENT/ALLOW MEDIA REMOVAL didn't work for you though... it works for
me with 1008 firmware 0557.

BTW, BTC is now making firmware changelogs available on their site:
<http://www.btc.com.tw/big-5/ChangeList_DRW1008.TXT>, and it looks
like firmware xx58 supports reading the booktype branding status for
+/-R media. However, I don't think they've updated their Windows
utility to use that command, so I have no idea how to use it.
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