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Re: Best way to write DVD+R?

>From: csj@gmx.co.uk

>> >The same command as above
>> >
>> >Note that with dev=ATAPI: you will never get DMA and writing
>> >is soooo slow.
>> I thought that had been fixed, I would swear that cdrecord uses
>> DMA with ATAPI and 2.6 kernels. Now I have to go back and
>> check, I replaced the CD-R drive with an unsupported DVD unit
>> which doesn't work with anything.

>I'm a bit confused myself.  The documentation isn't too clear
>about the difference between dev=ATA and dev=ATAPI.  I tend to
>use dev=ATA with linux 2.6.

This is the general problem with Linux :-(

They invent a new incompatible interface every even year....

If you have problems, ask the Linux kernel people.


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