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Re: Best way to write DVD+R? growisofs ?

> growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/hdc -dvd-video -V LMARLT-FP
> /data/dvd/vdrsync
> Executing 'mkisofs -dvd-video -V LMARLT-FP /data/dvd/vdrsync |
> builtin_dd of=/dev/hdc obs=32k seek=0'
> /dev/hdc: "Current Write Speed" is 4.1x1385KBps.
> :-[ WRITE@LBA=8d0h failed with SK=5h/ASC=21h/ACQ=02h]: Invalid argument
> builtin_dd: 2256*2KB out @ average 0.1x1385KBps

If below dvd+rw-mediainfo output is for resulting recording, then I'd
say that it means only one thing: poor media support by your firmware
(or poor media quality).

> dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/hdc
> INQUIRY:                [SONY    ][DVD RW DRU-500A ][2.0h]
>  Mounted Media:         1Bh, DVD+R
>  Media ID:              POMSA001/0R
                                  ^ Everything that follows / is kind of
common suffix [same suffixes can be observed from different media
manufacturers]. As far as I understand this suffix is used to pick laser
power from a table in firmware. This means that new suffix might require
a firmware upgrade. And it's first time I observe /0R...

>  Current Write Speed:   4.0x1385=5540KB/s

You *might* help to minimize the write speed with -speed=1. Note that
elder versions of growisofs didn't even try to control DVD+R recording
velocity, so you might have to upgrade. Keep in mind that -speed=1
essentially means "pick *lowest* speed among those offered by unit,"
meaning that you can observe that recording will still be performed at
higher velocity.

>  Speed Descriptor#0:    00/2295103 R@2.4x1385=3324KB/s W@4.0x1385=5540KB/s
>  Speed Descriptor#1:    00/2295103 R@2.4x1385=3324KB/s W@2.4x1385=3324KB/s
>  Speed Descriptor#2:    00/2295103 R@2.4x1385=3324KB/s W@2.0x1385=2770KB/s
>  Disc status:           blank
                          ^^^^^ This is the very reason why I wrote "if
this dvd+rw-mediainfo output is for resulting recording, it means poor
media support or poor media." It looks as if the unit filled the buffer,
but didn't actually managed to record a single sector to the media. A.

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