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Re: Setting booktype on NEC 2500A (dvd+rw-booktype BTC, working!)

On Thursday 22 April 2004 22:26, you wrote:
> Just upgraded to that firmware.
> Burnt a Princo 4x disc @ 6x (2108 Mb average 4.6x1385KBps)
> Cool. Burnt a 2.4x +RW. Fine.

I removed this patch:

// Replace BTC cmd's with Ricoh.
-		cmd[0]=0xFA;
-		cmd[2]=book;
-		cmd[10]=0xAA;
-		cmd[11]=0xFF;
+		cmd[0]=0xF9;
+		cmd[1]=0x02;
+		cmd[2]=book;
+		cmd[3]=(gen==1?0:0xFF);
+		cmd[11]=0;

And it works! Of course this is unique firmware so I've not idea if this has 
anything to do with a real BTC.

However, even though dvd+rw-mediainfo says it's now DVD-ROM my damn laptop 
drive still won't read the disc.  : (

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