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Re: DVD+RW-Booktype and BTC 1008 Drive

I have made the modifications and here are the results for a +RW Disk

[root@linux dvd+rw-tools-]# ./dvd+rw-booktype -dvd-rom-spec -unit+r /dev/cdrom1
:-[ BTC_FAh failed with SK=5h/ASC=24h/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error
This program targets units of RICOH, BENQ and BTC designs.
/dev/cdrom1 doesn't appear to be one. Exiting.

Note http://lists.debian.org/cdwrite/2004/cdwrite-200404/msg00126.html. It obviously varies from firmware to firmware. In addition to the patch posted at above mentioned URL try modifying dvd+rw-booktype.cpp as following:

        if (!(err=cmd.transport()) || ASC(err)==0x24)
            return btc (cmd,action,book);
        else if (ASC(err)==0x3A)
            return fprintf (stderr,":-( BTC_FAh: no media mounted\n"),1;

Note extra || ASC(err)==0x24 in first if statement. A.

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