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Re: DVD+RW-Booktype and BTC 1008 Drive

Can anybody help me on this one.

First of all I want to say that BTC support was released practically untested, as the user who provided the information about BTC extension never replied to the request to verify the suggested code.

I cannot seem to set the bitsetting of a DVD+R disk to DVD-ROM, if there is
anything I can try please let me know, I have seen a previous post about
setting the booktype with a BSD scsi command, but I cannot seem to locate it,
however the output of the dvd+rw-booktype is as follows:

[root@linux ide]# dvd+rw-booktype -dvd-rom-spec -unit+r /dev/scd1
This program targets units of RICOH, BENQ and BTC designs.
/dev/scd1 doesn't appear to be one. Exiting.

Modify dvd+rw-booktype source code to print an explicit error code:

        else if (ASC(err)==0x3A)
            return fprintf (stderr,":-( BTC_FAh: no media mounted\n"),1;
            sperror ("BTC_FAh",err);

Can you test it with some rewritable media? A.

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