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Re: Problem using a TEAC DV-W22E with dvd+rw-tools/cdrecord-prodvd/dvdrtools.

If you did know about the bug before I did, I may well critisize you:

Why didn't you send a bug report

I'm ready to accept criticism as soon as somebody can point out what was it in the referred post, which discredits it as as a bug report? Note that pointer to the referred report was posted on this list the same day, along with dvd+rw-tools 5.15.x announcement. A.

Well, it did take only about a week after I did report the bug.

I don't know how you did report.

Once again. If you want to pursue this discussion, you've got to explain what is it exactly, which discredits http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-ports/2003-December/007424.html as a bug report. Note that referred URL even contains link to information about the list the report was submitted to. A.

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