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Re: Setting booktype on BTC 100[48] drives

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 12:28:42PM +0200, Andy Polyakov wrote:
> I suspect that 01 in 5th position indicates "unit setting," but given
> your feedback, it's most likely applies to settings for write-once media
> only. Can you see if any of the commands work without media? Or do they
> all require some DVD media in unit? What happens if you try to apply
> DVD+R command to DVD+RW media? Does unit swallow command or does it
> reject it? A.

The commands don't work without media; the drive returns "not ready"
3A/01: medium not present - tray closed. The drive accepts the command
to apply the DVD+R command to DVD+RW media; however, it seems to have
no effect. The book type remains +RW.

Also, I tested the command to set +R media to -ROM, and it works fine.
However, the same command is supposed to set -R media to -ROM, but it
didn't work for me. I'll see if I can move the drive back to a Windows
machine and test if it works properly there.
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