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Re: growisofs minus_rw_quickgrow question

Good point, just that all the "knowledge of UDF, programming skills and an effort" have been contributed in "dvdauthor". It generates IFO and so on necessaries.

Keep in mind that I'm not an expert in DVD-Video authoring and I never even used dvdauthor in particular. I can tell what growisofs will do and what won't do [as well as a number of other things], but I can't tell if dvdauthor is capable to fill in all the gaps.

# dvdauthor -o tmp/ video/stream1.mpg
# cat tmp/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01* | growisofs -use-the-force-luke=seek:1024 -Z /dev/fd/0

Once again. 'cat VTS_01*' is *wrong*. DVD-Video files are expected to appear on the media in specific order, namely .IFO, *.VOB, .BUP. If you use cat, then you should explicitly 'cat VTS_01*.IFO VTS_01*.VOB VTS_01.BUP' but *never* 'cat VTS_01*'. Also note that *if* sizes of the files in question were not multiple of 2K, then you would have to explicitly *pad* every one of them.

# dvdauthor -T -o tmp/
(note that I didn’t use xml, just a personal preference)

   What above outputs is a full file structure of

Did you mean that all those efforts still not enough to have a junction with "growisofs"?

I don't know. I only know that someone has to generate UDF superblock (well, volume descriptor in UDF terms) and directory structure and I don't see it happening.

All I need is to write VIDEO_TS.IFO in tmp/VIDEO_TS to DVD and preserve the directory structure at the same time.

You can't say "preserve" in this context as the files don't reside on UDF formatted partition. Well, even if they were residing on UDF formatted hard-disk partition, it would hardly help, because in order for UDF layout to be playable in DVD-Video player it has to comply with a number of *limitations*, which are virutally impossible to fulfill on live read-write filesystem. DVD-Video compliant UDF layout, volume descriptors and directory structure, has to be generated from scratch. A.

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