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Re: Problem with DVR-107D under OpenBSD

> > ... under OpenBSD 3.4 ...
> > 
> > growisofs -dvd-compat -speed=2 -Z /dev/rcd0c=image.iso
> > ...
> > unable to WRITE@LBA=310h: Input/output error

LBA=310h is the first time unit signals "hold your horses, my buffer is
full." The fact that you don't see verbose error message with
SK/ASC/ASCQ values most likely means that kernel failed to provide this
information to application. Well, if kernel would have provided required
information, then recording wouldn't have terminated, but growisofs
would have "held the horses."

> > dmesg says :
> > 
> > cd0(atapiscsi0:0:0): Check Condition on opcode 0x28
> >     SENSE KEY: Blank Check
> >    INFO FIELD: 16
> >      ASC/ASCQ: No Additional Sense Information

"opcode 0x28" is READ, meaning that this message is hardly related to
growisofs write failure.

> Some bugs in OpenBSD's atapiscsi were fixed during 3.4-current.

Jacob, can you provide a reference? Link to a post of similar...

> They
> will appear in 3.5, which should be out in a month or so.  Could you
> try an OpenBSD snapshot to see if there is any difference?

Jacob, is there "official" specification for SCIOCCOMMAND interface?
Point is that there is a *remote possibility* that it's dvd+rw-tools
that needs to be adapted. Keep in mind that OpenBSD support is based
solely on user feedback:-) A.

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