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Re: Strange behaviour of growisofs

On Mon 8 March 2004 19:05, Michael Mess wrote:
> This is the last output from writing a DVD:
> <michael@rakete>:~>uname -a
> Linux rakete 2.2.20 #21 SMP Sat Jan 24 22:02:53 CET 2004 i686
> unknown <michael@rakete>:~>
> I compiled dvd+rw-tools- with kernel-headers of
> linux.2.4.20 (gcc -I linux.2.4.20-direcory/include/linux/), the
> rest is like  from the makefile which is generated from the
> Makefile (It uses m4 to create something for make in a pipe).

Erm, you compiled against 2.4.20, but are using it with 2.2.20? I'd 
say that's a receipe for disaster...

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