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"alarm clock" kills cdrecord-proDVD (SuSE8.2)


I'm running a SuSE 8.2 with a current cdrecord-proDVD (latest i386 and
i686 version I could find on berlios) on a K6-II PC system. 

usual short commands (-atip, -toc, -prcap,...) work or occasionally stop
suddenly with "alarm clock" as message (mostly atip as on the first
call it seems to take longer and triggers the ). Every burn attempt will
stop after approx. 2s in the countdown regardless of gracetime setting
dying of a sudden "alarm clock". 

As far as I can tell "alarm clock" is a (by cdrecord) programmed timer
which should also catch the "alarm" but for some reason doesn't. Instead
the uncaught alarm signal terminates the program. some time after
cdrecord terminated I recieve timeout error messages on the same

This does not happen with the regular cdrecord of the SuSE8.2 system.

growisofs works fine for DVD-RW and DVD+R(W) -- but fails (I/O error) on
all DVD-R I tried up to now (verbatim and 3 others). dvdrecord
(SuSE8.2 version) mistakes the DVD-R for a CD and tells me that the 4+GB
will never fit on this disc.

Any ideas? As a recompile of cdrecord-proDVD matching the system is


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