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Re: growisofs hangs on DD0203

> > > Everytime I invoke growisofs, it goes through the entire writing
> > > process, but then it hangs when flushing the cache at the end (before
> > > closing the track and the session).
> >
> > Do you mean it hangs more longer than 10-15 minutes?
> I once left it while I was watching a movie (over two hours), and I
> event let it go overnight on another occasion.

That's indeed forever...

> I'll try again, making sure to use
> -dvd-compat. I'll also try to put in some extra debugging printf's to
> try and determine exactly where it's hanging, and I'll let you know what
> I find.

It should be enough to strace the process. If it spins between poll()
and ioctl() with 1 second interval, then it's just wait_for_unit().

BTW, in previous letter you report:

>  Media ID:              RICKHJPN/W11
                             ^ Can you confirm that this is not a typo?
It appears as it should be RICOHJPN, not RICKHJPN... A.

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