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Re: dvd+rw-tools open issues, updated dvd+rw-mediainfo

> >For this
> >reason I'd like to collect new(!see the above link!) dvd+rw-mediainfo
> >outputs from NEC, SONY, Plextor and Lite-on, optionally BTC and Optorite
> >units with high-speed (faster than 1x) DVD-R media in.
> By 'DVD-R' you really mean 'DVD-R' and not 'writeable DVD in general'?

Well, what's essential is to see dvd+rw-mediainfo output for media which
can be recorded at several speeds. I wrote DVD-R mostly because
probablility of observing multiple speeds is highest with DVD-R media.
If your unit offers multiple recording speeds for some other media in
your disposal, it would siffice too. Also note that it doesn't have to
be blank... A.

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