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Re: LF-D311 support?

On Wed 10 December 2003 22:28, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> From lourens@rainbowdesert.net  Wed Dec 10 22:05:42 2003
> >> Of course, problems may also be caused by miss usage of
> >> cdrecord by k3b, but if he is interested in k3b problems, he
> >> should ask the authors.
> >
> >Well, incidentally, k3b doesn't use cdrecord at all for DVD
> > burning, it uses dvd+rw-tools.
> How should I know?

I don't see why you should. I didn't either, I looked it up on their 
page. Perhaps the question should be why you assumed that they used 

> >> Here we are on another problem: as the k3b authors never did
> >> try to get into contact with me and I know from many contacts
> >> with Thomas Neiderreither that it is not simple to design a
> >> gui the right way. So I stand with my first mail: If the OP
> >> tells me what he does at cdrecord level, I may be able to
> >> help.
> >
> >I'm not sure what you mean by that, the k3b authors should ask
> > you how to design a GUI? I find k3b quite intuitive and easy to
> > use actually.
> Well, they e.g. use cdrdao which leads to the assumption that
> they don't know how to _use_ cdrecord.

Hmm, that makes sense actually. Like I use Linux because I don't 
understand how to use Windows, or my mum drives a Nissan because 
she doesn't understand how to use an Opel. Also, I don't see how 
being able to design a good GUI and knowing how to use cdrecord are 

The point of having a GUI is to hide as much technical complexity 
from the user as possible, and  provide them with an interface that 
matches their understanding of the task they want to perform. How 
the underlying technology works is only relevant insofar as it has 
an impact on the actions the user can perform. For example, when 
burning an iso9660 CD-R you need to burn a whole session at a time, 
you can't just go around adding and deleting files at random like 
on a random access medium. The interface needs to reflect this, it 
can't allow random writing and deleting and overwriting to the 
medium, because that is technically impossible.

Designing user interfaces requires knowledge of the limits of the 
technology, cognitive psychology, and user interface standards, and 
a good lot of careful testing in a usability lab. Designing a 
mental model that fits the technology and is easy to understand, 
and designing a user interface that suggests that mental model to 
the user and correctly supports its use is hard indeed.

Comparing xcdroast and k3b, it's clear that xcdroast is a thin shell 
that allows you to use cdrecord and mkisofs without touching the 
keyboard, while k3b is a cd creation program that uses cdrecord and 
mkisofs to implement a part of the required functionality.

> >The problem with your reply was that he was asking for support
> > for his drive with k3b. The only thing he said about
> > cdrecord-ProDVD was that it worked fine. After which you asked
> > him what was wrong specifically. Well, nothing...
> You should reread the OP.
> Thei is not true: He did send s cdrecord -prcap output from the
> Non DVD enabled version and asked _if_ (not how) it works. This
> is why I did send my reply with the question.

Quote the original post:

Subject: LF-D311 support?

Any idea if this is supported (doesn't seem to be working)  
DVD-RAM/DVD-R drive (write speed on DVD-R is 1x)
currently burns under cdrecord-prodvd but I would like to use it 
under k3b.

Now this could have been a bit more verbose and it could have been 
an actual English sentence, but I don't see how you can interpret 
this to mean "Does the LF-D311 work with cdrecord-ProDVD?", since 
he explicitly mentions the answer to that question, that is, it 

The alternative interpretation, that he wants to know if the drive 
is supported for use with k3b, makes a lot more sense. He mentions 
that it works with cdrecord-ProDVD, and he includes some 
information about the drive in the form of -prcap output so that 
Andy knows what kind of drive it is.

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