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Re: Re: DVD recording adventures continued

[List seems to be down!?
 At least Debian-archive, and mail-archive did not get
 updated since Friday..

> I used windows to upgrade the firmware to 1.03.  Once you go past 1.01 
> to 1.02 or 1.03 you can't flash it back to 1.01.  You can flash back to 
> 1.02 from 1.03.

I know that. Am still at 1.02 and want to wait until I can
flash using pxupdate/Linux. It is a network-attached box 
without display/keyboard. Probably 1.03 does not improve 
so very much.

> I have not tried cdrecord at all yet except for cd-r media so I can't 
> say whether I also exhibit any problems.
> If you let me know what circumstances you have a problem I can try to 
> duplicate here.

All that you can find within this thread.
cdrecord-proDVD does not work with DVD-R (does not start 
recording) and got stuck on session close with DVD+R.
growisofs works for most media, but not with Imation DVD+R
(again, stuck when closing session).
The latter is a bit special for you to reproduce, but if
you are willing to risk a coaster, just record to some DVD+R
medium using proDVD - I used an original Ricoh medium.


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