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Re: DVDs created with too large files

>From: Lourens Veen <lourens@rainbowdesert.net>

>> >	 * The ISO-9660 filesystem only stores 32 bits for file size.
>> But the ISO-9660 _standard_ stores 32 bits for the size of each
>> _extent_ and there can be a virtually unlimited number of
>> _extents_ in a single file at ISO-9660 Interchange Level 3.

>But can a file span multiple extents? The way I read the comment 
>Gary quoted, it's legal to have an image that is over 2GB in size, 
>as long as each file inside that image is no larger than 2GB. I 
>haven't actually read the spec though.

>But then the whole comment seems odd. It looks to me like the 
>WARNING was added later, and written by Jörg. That seems to me like 
>the only logical way to explain why the comment says it's legal, 
>but the code claims it's illegal to have files that are more than 
>2GB in size.

>Lastly, at the top of the file, there is

> *      1998  Eric Lammerts - ISO 9660 Level 3

>so apparently at least someone looked at ISO Level 3 support. I'd 
>say send a message to linux-kernel and see what they say about 

You should ask him why he did not test his code....

If he did test it, then the mount induced limitation would have gone
long ago.


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