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Cdrecord bug in DAO mode (version 2.01a19)

Hi !

Each time I try to burn an Audio CD in DAO mode using Cdrecord and my
QSI Combo CD-writer (I tried speed=4,8,12,16) I receive an error as the
one in the attached file and the CD writing process fails with the waste
of a blank media (I disposed tons of useless blank CDs).

Everything works fine in TAO mode, though I need to use DAO in order not
to have the silence gap between audio tracks.

I am currently using a Redhat 9 distributions and a custom-compiled
kernel 2.4.22. Cdrecord version is 2.01a19 but I also encounter the same
problem with the original version supplied by Redhat.

Any help/advice/patch would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I wish to express a warm "thanks" to all the developers involved
in the Cdrecord project for providing us this great piece of software.



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