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Re: mkisofs questions

At 10:44 PM +0200 10/17/03, A.P.Munnikes wrote:

>1. Is it, or is is not, possibele to make a good/working/official image that is > 4GB. (just with a lot of files with a size from 1 KB to a max. of 100MB, so not the problem about that the iso9660 can not contains a file > 2GB)

ISO9660 certainly supports files longer than 2 GB.

But doing so requires multiple file sections identified by multiple
directory records.  But some "receiving systems" only implement the
ISO9660 interchange Level 1 or Level 2, rather than the full blown
Level 3 of the specification.

But I don't know of an operating system for which an enterprising
programmer could not write software to read Level 3 ISO9660.

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