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[Nbd] NBD 3.11 crashes after negotiation

[root@...2868... ~]# nbd-server -V
This is nbd-server version 3.11
[root@...2868... ~]# nbd-server /root/testfile -d

** (process:18247): WARNING **: Specifying an export on the command line is deprecated.

** (process:18247): WARNING **: Please use a configuration file instead.
** Message: virtstyle ipliteral
** Message: connect from, assigned file is /root/testfile
** Message: Can't open authorization file /etc/nbd-server/allow (No such file or directory).
** Message: Authorized client
** Message: Starting to serve
** Message: Size of exported file/device is 524288000
Error: Read failed: Connection reset by peer

[root@...2869... ~]# nbd-client -N sg1b -l 1040 /dev/nbd1
Negotiation: Error: Server closed connection

What is the problem here? selinux is set to permissive on the host and I don't see any messages in the syslog about it. strace hasn't been helpful at all either. The iptables chains are empty on both boxes.

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