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[Nbd] NBD server not working with qemu

I'm writing a simple NBD server in rust as a learning project. I have something simple working with the kernel NBC client, however, it does not work with the QEMU client.

I'm using Debian Jessie versions to test against.

So far my server uses only the "un-fixed" new protocol (I'm working from proto.md), without NBD_FLAG_NO_ZEROES.

I'm wondering, since I can seem to work with the kernel client, if the QEMU client (version 1:2.1+dfsg-12+deb8u6) is incompatible with that protocol? The handshaking completes (from my server's perspective), and then everything stops with my server waiting for client requests which never come.

I'll implement the fixed newstyle protocol and see if that fixes things. But would be interested to know if QEMU is supposed to support the unfixed protocol.



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