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[Nbd] NBD 3.14 released

Hi folks,

I've just released NBD 3.14. Most of the changes since 3.13 were to
doc/proto.md, but there were some other changes too:

- Some bug fixes for nbd-server that were discovered during the
  extensive updates to proto.md
- Some fixes for non-Linux platforms,
- Some minor incremental improvements to the new nbdtab functionality,
- Fix the way we tell the kernel about really small exports,
- Removal of references to the no longer supported oldstyle from all
- Minor updates, clarifications, and syntax fixes for man pages and
  other documentation
- Addition of a systemd unit file for nbd-client. This requires a kernel
  which issues change events upon disconnect (commit 37091fdd83), and a
  udev which correctly sets SYSTEMD_READY (as per systemd pull request

Get it at the usual place.


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