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Re: [Nbd] [PATCH v4 14/14] nbd: Implement NBD_CMD_WRITE_ZEROES on client

On 06/27/2016 06:13 AM, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> On 26/06/2016 00:15, Eric Blake wrote:
>> diff --git a/block/nbd.c b/block/nbd.c
>> index 8d57220..049d1bd 100644
>> --- a/block/nbd.c
>> +++ b/block/nbd.c
>> @@ -357,6 +357,7 @@ static int nbd_co_flush(BlockDriverState *bs)
>>  static void nbd_refresh_limits(BlockDriverState *bs, Error **errp)
>>  {
>>      bs->bl.max_pdiscard = NBD_MAX_BUFFER_SIZE;
>> +    bs->bl.max_pwrite_zeroes = NBD_MAX_BUFFER_SIZE;
> I have probably asked before---is there any reason for these to be
> limited, since the commands have no payload?

Here's the last time it was brought up on the nbd-general list [1].  We
have the potential BLOCK_SIZE handshake negotiation extension, where I
was proposing that the server can advertise its actual limits (rather
than the client having to guess them or rely on out-of-band information)
- and I was proposing that NBD_CMD_TRIM and NBD_CMD_WRITE_ZEROES should
be permitted to advertise additional limits that are larger than the
NBD_CMD_WRITE limit, precisely because they don't carry a payload and
can therefore be more efficient if done in bulk.

[1] https://sourceforge.net/p/nbd/mailman/message/35081223/

But at the time of that thread, there was concern expressed whether
adding and additional NBD_INFO for each NBD_CMD limit would scale well,
or whether we need a different approach, and I haven't revisited the
thread since that comment.  At any rate, I have BLOCK_SIZE patches ready
for qemu, once the WRITE_ZERO patches land, and where it should be easy
to make this limit runtime-settable to a larger value from actual server
limits, if we can decide how BLOCK_SIZE should advertise such a limit.

Eric Blake   eblake redhat com    +1-919-301-3266
Libvirt virtualization library http://libvirt.org

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