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[Nbd] 3.12 released

Hi all,

I just released nbd 3.12.

The following changes exist in this release:
- The remainder of oldstyle was removed. This results in:
  - inetd mode should work again, now using the default export name in the
    newstyle protocol
  - when specifying an export on the server command line or not specifying
    a name on a client command line, the newstyle protocol is used with
    the default export name (but a warning will be produced stating that
    oldstyle is no longer supported)
  - All traces of oldstyle (except a few error messages) have been removed
- Bug fixes:
  - We now listen on IPv4 and IPv6 by default, regardless of what the
    system's configuration is like, by explicitly listening both on and ::.
  - Some bugs in the handling of the TRIM command have been removed
  - nbd-client now uses readit() in the negotiation, rather than plain
    non-retrying read().
- New features:
  - It is now possible to listen on multiple addresses; the "listenaddr"
    parameter has been changed into a comma-separated list of addresses
    to listen on
  - nbd-client now supports an nbdtab file, which allows connecting a
    device by just using the device name
  - nbd-server now uses a GThreadPool to implement asynchronous handling
    of requests
  - Punching holes on files is now supported on cygwin, too.

Get it at the usual place.

NOTE: while preparing this release, I accidentally removed
nbd-3.11.tar.gz from the nbd-3.11 directory. I found a nbd-3.11 file
that I still had lying around, and *think* it's the same file with the
same checksum, but I have no way to check, so for now I'm going to leave
it removed.

If that's causing issues for someone, and that someone does have a copy
of the original, that'd be welcome. If not, meh.

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