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[Nbd] [RFC] Proposal: NBD_CMD_READ2

Hi folks,

One of the problems with the NBD protocol is that the read command sends
out the reply header before the data. As such, if handling of a read
request encounters a problem after the header has been sent out, there
is no way currently to communicate this fact to the client.

This is a problem, because it forces the server to choose between a
number of equally unattractive options:
- The server could ignore read errors. This would mean the client would
  get incorrect data.
- The server could drop the connection on receiving a read error. This
  would mean the client would see a lost connection without really
  knowing what's happening.
- The server could be required to read all data into memory before
  sending out the reply header. This is problematic for busy servers
  and/or large read requests.

I would therefore want to add another message to the protocol,
NBD_CMD_READ2. The semantics of this message would be similar to
NBD_CMD_READ, except that an nbd_reply structure is sent both before and
after the read data.

If the first reply has a nonzero error message, then no data is to be
expected by the client (this is different from the current semantics of
NBD_CMD_READ as described in the protocol document).

If the second reply has a nonzero error message, the client should
consider the received data to be (possibly partially) invalid.

The server should send "invalid request" error replies in the first
reply header; it should send "medium error" replies in the second.


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