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Re: [Nbd] bcache on NBD block devices

On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 09:48:30AM +0100, Juan Antonio Martinez wrote:
> El mié, 26-02-2014 a las 09:16 -0500, Matthew Patton escribió:
> > Shouldn't the clients be using the bcache device for their io? So who
> > cares what mode the nbd device is in just as long as it's writable?
> > Then just make the bcache device read only.
> Sure: the clients mounts the inner squashfs readonly, but in order to
> bcache get working, the nbd-server must export read-write, or at least
> with copy-on-write flag, to let the bcache layer on clients work
> throught nbd device
> Anyway: problem solved. Performance is not noticeabilly increased, due
> to obsolete hardware in clients, but network load improvement is really
> good
> Juan Antonio

bcache should have a read-only option for this. What if I want to use
bcache to speed up a DVD drive?


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