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[Nbd] multiple exports

Trying to set up multiple exports for a nbd-server in order to share 2 versions of a linux distro to pxe clients. I can successfully set up one in the config file for nbd-server but if I add the second one in it won't work.
Last message I can find via a search of the mailing list is as follows:

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 10:24:26PM +0200, Thomas Kuhlmann wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to export two different files on different ports.
> Therefore, I have added to export sections to the config file of the
> nbd-server:

What version of nbd-server?

>          [export]
>      exportname = /var/foo/abc.nbd
>      port = 2288
>      readonly = true
>          [export]
>      exportname = /var/foo/123.nbd
>      port = 2289
>      readonly = true
> But that does not work. Only the last entry is exorted.
> How can I export two files? Is that possible at all?

It should be; that was the whole point of the config file thing.

However, I should admit that I've been a bit lax in testing; I know that
on a few occasions in the past, there have been problems with the
multi-export feature. It *should* work currently; but of course, if it
doesn't, that's a bug.

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Has this multi-export ever been fixed? Or is it just a matter of entering the correct options in the config file? If it's the latter is there an updated example available?

Thank you
Chas Carr

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