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Re: [Nbd] [PATCH] nbd-server: add -D/-dont-daemonize option

"Dmitry V. Levin" <ldv@...1147...> writes:

> +        <term><option>-D</option></term>
> +	<listitem>
> +	  <para>Do not detach and do not become a daemon. This allows
> +	  easy monitoring by service managers like systemd.</para>
> +	</listitem>
> +      </varlistentry>
> +      <varlistentry>
>          <term><option>-d</option></term>
>  	<listitem>
> -	  <para>Do not fork. Useful for debugging.</para>
> +	  <para>Do not fork at all. Useful for debugging.</para>
>  	</listitem>
>        </varlistentry>
>        <varlistentry>

I think the difference between -D and -d should be made clearer.

With -d the server runs in the foreground and accepts a single
connection only and outputs debug infos, right?

With -D the server runs in the foreground but forks a child for every
connect, right?

Also why should systemd care? It uses cgroups to monitor services. Isn't
that one of the advantages of systemd over all the other service

What I would like to see is socket activation in nbd-server. That way
the service can be started as needed without performance loss (other
than the initial startup time once).


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