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[Nbd] client-server via non TCP socket


i searched around in the archive without success for my wish:

i would like to backup data over unsecure network on an host with
secure user authentication using nbd with dmcrypt. from my point
of view, something like this would be nice:

# nbd-client ssh://myuser@...1103.../my/home/image /dev/nbd0

in the background i would expect something like:

	socat TCP-LISTEN:1234 'EXEC:ssh myuser@...1103... nbd-server 0 /my/home/image -d'
	nbd-client localhost 1234 /dev/nbd0
	...(my local) crypt setup...mount filesystem...

unfortunately, nbd-server fails on the sshd-pipes with the getpeername() call
(for evaluating the IP-address to replace the %s in the filename). On the other
side it would be nice if nbd-client directly works on stdio handles without
wrapping communication through TCP.

Key issue for me:

i don't want to have open TCP ports (opening race conditions when connecting)
on the local as well as on the remote host

did i miss an already existent solution?

Best regards,


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