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[Nbd] NBD kernel module, client and server with support for TRIM

Hi all,

I am working on Linux kernel 3.0 (vanilla) and have 2.9.23 version of the nbd-client and nbd-server installed. Looking at the kernel sources, I find that NBD_CMD_TRIM is not supported in this version of the kernel; however, I did come across various threads where discussions were going on about adding support for the TRIM operation to NBD. Could you please provide the link to the patches for the kernel, nbd-client and nbd-server so that I can use TRIM in association with NBD on my system? I believe that the qemu kernel has been patched already. Can the same patch be used with my kernel as well?

By the way, the latest version of nbd-client and nbd-server support TRIM, right?

Thanks a lot for your help in this matter!


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