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[Nbd] OCFS2 cluster, HA and nbd-server


we would like to setup a OCFS2 (Oracle Cluster File System 2) 
cluster with 2 nodes, using a SAN as a shared storage.
Each of the nodes has access to the cluster filesystem. 

Now  the question: Can we setup the running ndb-server 
processes to be  high-available (HA-linux, ...) ? 
Of course, a ndb-client is connected to the nbd-server.

** Szenario1: Failure of one storage node:
Is there a chance to restart a nbd-server autoamtically (HA) on another
without problems concerning the connection (means nbd-client does
not get in trouble) ? Of cource, the client must be configure for

** Szeario2: Planed migration of all running nbd-servers to another
cluster node.
If szenario1 cannot be managed, is there a chance to migrate the
to another node - of course, both nodes has no failure. May we have to
use LVS
for TCP session migration ?

Has somebody experience  with such a cluster setup ?

kind regards

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