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[Nbd] using nbd after kernel compile

Hi all,
I was able to use nbd-server and client on my installed ubuntu 10.04 system with kernel 2.6.32-21-generic.
But after I compiled linux kernel and installed it, i am not able to use nbd-server and client correctly.
$cd nbd-2.9.18/
$./nbd-server 12345 /dev/sdb1
$sudo modprobe nbd
$sudo ./nbd-client 12345 /dev/nbd0
Negotiation: Error: Server closed connection

On the other hand, I was able to use a loop device correctly, but not /dev/sdb1.

I also tried to compile by disabling the CFQ scheduler in the kernel compile option and
$cat /sys/block/nbd0/queue/scheduler
noop [deadline]

Still  i get negotiation error.

The output of nbd-tester-client is as follows.
./nbd-tester-client 12345 /dev/nbd1

** (process:1646): WARNING **: Could not open socket: Invalid argument

** (process:1646): WARNING **: Could not run throughput test: Invalid argument

 When i recompile the kernel , is there anything else i need to take care of?
Thanks in advance for help.

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