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[Nbd] 2.9.17 released

Hi all,

I just released 2.9.17.

The main change in this version is the addition of name-based exports.
This has a few important repercussions:
- When ran with a configuration file that contains exports, nbd-server
  will open a port on a port number that was just assigned by IANA for
  the NBD protocol (10809).
- By default, the 'port' option in the per-export sections of the
  configuration file now has no effect. For upgrade purposes, you may
  wish to temporarily specify 'oldstyle=true' in the [generic] section,
  so that clients that expect an export on a specific port will still
  find it. However, note that these clients cannot use port 10809,
  since the handshake part of the protocol had to be changed
- nbd-client now has a new '-N' command-line option that allows to
  specify the name of the wanted export. This name should be specified
  as the section name in the config file. E.g., a config file like this:

	exportname = /path/to/file

  would allow nbd-client to use it with 
    nbd-client <server> /dev/nbd0 -N export1

- When specifying an export on the command line, it is not at all
  possible to specify a name. Command line-specified exports will always
  use the old handshake protocol.

Other than the above, there should be no surprises.


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