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Re: [Nbd] max number of nbd devices to 1024

On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 02:14:04PM -0400, Cyril Joseph Titus wrote:
> Hello Sir,

Please do not send mails to private email addresses. In this particular
case, the people you sent your mail to cannot directly help you.

>                 I am Cyril , working with a company named Kubisys , based in
> New York . I  saw   this thread    “
> http://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/ linux-kernel/2008/1/29/647119    “
> , on the internet . I would like to increase the number of NBD’s
> during startup .
>  I use a parameter  “  nbds_max =64 “   in “/etc/modules ”  at present  . How
> do I increase it to a higher number , as mentioned by  the thread ?
>   I downloaded the latest source from sourceforge , but it does not contain a
> file by the name of  “ nbd.c “  , nor does any of the files contain an entry “
> nbds_max ”.  Is the latest  “ nbd-server  “  package capable of handling   “
> nbds_max=1024 “ ?

That's because the server has nothing to do with the client-side
implementation, where the number is enforced. The server can serve as
many devices as you want, provided you have enough space in your process
table. The restriction you speak of is part of the kernel, which is not
implemented in what you can download from sourceforge, but instead in
the kernel.

Pavel is no longer involved with NBD; he gave up maintenance long ago.
The kernel side of things is implemented by Paul Clements, who I believe
is subscribed to this mailinglist, too.

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