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[Nbd] NBD passwords (was Re: nbd-server working easily in cygwin in XP)

Update to passwords in NBD.  Now has proper command line options for
nbd-client, fixed some bugs since my last patch submission yesterday,
and finally figured out how to update the autoconf/automake/etc. tools,
and left a build-from-scratch shell script in the directory so you can
just type "sh BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH.sh" and it builds everything right out
of the box (you need all those autoconf/etc. & documentation tools,
though -- without those, just move the fresh files into an old release
build directory and then hand-build the .o files and don't forget to
#define NBD_AUTH to 1 in config.h):


Diff against svn:


For reference, the svn I was diffing against (you shouldn't need this,
except to see the date in the filename):


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