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Re: [Nbd] Performance tuning of nbd !?


> > What does all these values mean exactly?
> It's minimum, default, and max memory size for send and receive windows.
> They're documented in the kernel docs in 
> /usr/src/linux/Documentation/networking/ip-sysctl.tct

Okay, will give them a try :)
> >> The window size should be a little above your network "pipe size":
> >>
> >> pipe = bandwidth * latency
> > 
> > Changed the values to the examples given ... but no change. Sticking to
> 130kB/s
> > at the moment.
> Sorry to hear that. I don't know of any other settings. These are the 
> only ones I normally need to do. Can you achieve higher throughput with 
> some other tool or protocol (scp, ftp, etc.)? Is there packet loss 
> occurring?

SCP, FTP, HTTP streams achieve up to 1.3MByte/s. The packet loss is low to
non-existent (checked with wireshark) ... Thus I was irritated/disappointed to
see only 170kB yesterday and 128kB today ...

150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for windowsme.iso (391184384 bytes).
 19% |**********                   | 75194 KB    1.43 MB/s    03:28 ETA

Downloading with this rate exactly from the same server :(

Hm, room for improvement :)) Dirk

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