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Re: [Nbd] Large (> 2TB) NBD devices?

Peter Daum wrote:

I can confirm, that the problem must be on the client
Meanwhile, I installed a 64bit-system on the machine
with the big
disks (unfortunately also my only machine where I have
this option):

Now, I can access large nbd devices exported by this
machine from the
same machine via loopback, while other machines (with
still show the same problem.

Yes, greater than 2TB works on 64-bit but not 32-bit. It's due to a limitation in the NBD kernel ioctls (which nbd-client uses to set up the nbd device). You might be able to increase the NBD block size (using NBD_SET_BLKSIZE ioctl) and get > 2TB working on 32-bit -- I've not tried.


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