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[Nbd] nbd problem?

Hi, friends,
    I have test nbd like this:

iscsi initiator   ------------------ iscsi target (iet) (Path=/dev/nbd0, Type=blockio)
------------------                             |
windows                                nbd client          ----------- nbd server
                                        ---------------                                |
                                            linux                              /tmp/testfile

with multi worker on iometer, or 512B random write test, the iscsi target stop the response soon after the test beginning.
report in /var/log/messge is
Logical Unit Reset.....

and I cant use ietadm to show the target information anymore, the command halt there.

Is this a problem of nbd? replace /dev/nbd0 with a harddisk, like /dev/sdb, the test works well.



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