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[Nbd] sharing cd/dvd drive using nbd

Hi guys:) I am using nbd to share a dvd-drive from one machine to
another. Everything works great except one think: after nbd-server
starts up the drive will not open it's door when i press it's "open"
button. The only way to change the disc is to login as root on the
server and do eject /dev/hdc.
I know that the door locking can be disabled in the kernel, but this is
the "quick and dirty way" to resolve the problem. The door locking in
general is a good thing, because it ensures that the disc will not be
removed when it's mounted. So i thougth that maybe it is possible to
setup the nbd such a way that when the disc is mounted on the remote
side, the drive will lock it's door, but when it's unmounted (on the
client) the drive will unlock the door again?

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