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Re: [Nbd] nbd-server 2.8.6 hangs on nbd-client reconnect

On 9/1/06, Mike Snitzer <snitzer@...17...> wrote:

I'm not any closer to understanding where/why/what is causing
__lll_mutex_lock_wait to even be called within the nbd-server.  The
nbd-server is hung waiting for this mutex but the gdb backtrace is
truncated/useless like I showed earlier in this thread.  So is there
just some weird corruption occurring?

I can reliably reproduce this issue and welcome any suggestions; I'll
try to get traces of the nbd-client when it fails and also compile
nbd-server with DDODBG.

I'll report back if I find anything but any assistance would be appreciated.

I'm blaming glib... ndb 2.7.7's nbd-server (non-glib, uses select)
works perfectly fine!


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