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Re: lsb-distribution-test-1.1.3-1 hangs at T.execl

Yes, I have observed these hangs even before LSB 1.0 came out. I have also
observed this hang on T.execlp and T.execvp. I am unable to find my list of
tests that hang on RedHat. I will send them to you if you would like once I
find them.

Lisa Sarabia
SW Engineer
Linux Technology Center
(512) 838-9466
T/L 678-9466

                      Matt Wilson                                                                          
                      <msw@redhat.com>         To:       Lisa Sarabia/Austin/IBM@ibmus                     
                                               cc:       lsb-test@lists.linuxbase.org                      
                      02/26/02 01:40 PM        Subject:  Re: lsb-distribution-test-1.1.3-1 hangs at        

On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 01:35:53PM -0600, Lisa Sarabia wrote:
> Matt,
> I have run these tests on the 5 distributions. The test does not hang on
> SuSE, Turbolinux, Debian, and Caldera. I am not to sure as to why it only
> hangs on Redhat.

So you're independently verifying that the tests hang under Red Hat



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