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RE: distributions tested

> I'm sure you've gotten a jillion messages saying this:  You
> aren't testing Mandrake; market leader.  I know it is derived from Red
> Hat, but
> the point of testing is to measure conformance and this would
> show if Mandrake is as conformant as Red Hat; they are not
> identical distributions.

Please note:

The purpose of the test results on the web is actually to
shake out the quality of the /test suites/ and determine 
"common failures", if any; not to say anything about the 
conformance status of the distributions.  Please don't read 
more into them than that!

Mandrake is participating with the LSB and I know they're
running tests.  It's their job, like for any other distro,
to show conformance, if that's something they wish to
achieve.   We're just restarting the pilot program which
will allow the distributors to do that.



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