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Re: Packaging stuff

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Nicholas Petreley wrote:

> * Stuart Anderson (anderson@metrolink.com) [001024 18:01]:
> > 
> > Do you (and Nick) mean a C library with programming interfaces? 
> I'm not.  I'm talking about a documented procedural
> approach, or what I've called a protocol.

You have used a lot of different terms for the same thing in this thread. In
my vocabulary (and I believe this is shared by many others) each of these
terms has a very different meaning, and implies an entirely different solution.

Please don't just throw a bunch of terms around like a marketing person. It
creates a lot of confusion. We have been trying to sort out your suggestion,
but it has been a moving targets because of this.

Come up with a specific idea, and find the term that bests describes it, and
stick to that term.

In this particular case, (at least what I know think you meant), the solution
is to have a command interface that interfaces with the system package

This has been discussed, and agreed to in principle. I'm not sure that we
have yet nailed down every detail, hence it has not been added to the spec.

Please notice that the spec is at version 0.3, not 0.9. The minor number
is low because there is still much to be added. You're judgments on what
is there is somewhat premature.


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